Quality Screens and Shades to Keep the Sun Out

Comfort Shades and Shutters Controlling Climate Conditions offers residential and commercial clients in Metro Phoenix with reliable screen and shade installation services. Our European-styled items boast functional designs while still being pleasing to the eyes.

Why You Need Our Services

Not only do screen and shades block out the sun, but they also help keep temperature levels within your home or place of business tolerable. They can also significantly reduce heat loss, making them more energy - efficient.

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  • Improve thermal comfort and save on cooling costs
  • Expand outdoor living spaces
  • Mitigate UV damage
  • Create daytime privacy
  • Protect against wind, rain, and insects


Installed on the outside of your windows, Comfort Shades and Shutters screens are like sunglasses for your home. They are designed to absorb the sun’s heat and glare before it passes through the glass and reaches the interior of your home. They mitigate UV damage, optimize comfort and provide daytime privacy.


Turn any outdoor space into a private, shaded living area. Comfort Shades and Shutters screens provide wind, rain and insect protection which make them perfect for patios, decks, and even your garage.


Comfort Shades and Shutters screens are an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments. They compliment the exterior of your home while they save you money on expensive cooling costs.


Screens can be operated manually or by motorized convenience. Motorized Screens can be operated individually or as a group with the touch of a switch, or by remote control. For effortless operation, Comfort Shades and Shutters offers timers, sun, wind and rain sensors, and integration into your home automation system. For even greater convenience, connect to your Smart device for operation from any location.

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