Keep Your Property Safe With Our Roll Shutters

Comfort Shades and Shutters Controlling Climate Conditions is a company that provides home and business owners in Metro Phoenix with high-quality roll shutter installation services. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, you can keep your property safe and secure during your off-hours.

Benefits of Roll Shutters

Besides safety and security, it can also give you privacy from outside eyes whenever you need it. Durable and high-quality roll shutters can also protect your property’s windows, walls, and doors from potential vandals and destructive weather conditions.

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Comfort Shades and Shutters roll shutters are designed to combine purpose with appearance. Along with the many color options available, they are constructed using smaller panel boxes than the industry standard so that they blend seamlessly into the exterior of your home while offering a practical solution for a variety of applications.


Secure your home or cottage from would-be intruders, protect against Mother Nature’s harshest elements and safeguard against intense sunlight. Comfort Shades and Shutters roll shutters are your security, storm, and sun protection solution. They are also an energy-efficient solution, with insulated profiles to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.


Enjoy day/night time privacy, complete blackout and reduced noise when fully deployed, or an unobstructed view to the outside when fully retracted. Perforations in the roll shutter profiles allow for natural light to enter your home when desired.


Comfort Shades and Shutters roll shutters can be operated manually or by motorized control and can be integrated into your home automation system for even greater convenience.


Our roll shutters are custom made and specifically tailored to fit your home. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, they are uniquely engineered to create a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution using high-quality aluminum and stainless steel components.


Comfort Shades and Shutters roll shutters are built to last using the finest quality materials and the most durable components to ensure your property is well protected. We also want you to feel protected with our comprehensive warranty. Feel confident in knowing that your products are covered for a worry-free, long-lasting solution.

Our roll shutters were selected by National Research Council Canada for a comprehensive study on the energy efficiency of exterior solar shading versus interior solar shading. The study concluded that, when closed during the day & night in summer:

  •  roll shutters reduced the daily average electricity demand for cooling by 50-80% and based on the time-of-use pricing structure, this translated into a cost savings of approximately 34%
  • window internal surface temperatures averaged between 15-20°C cooler When closed at night in winter:
  • roll shutters reduced heat loss by 19% resulting in a savings of approximately 4% (± 2%) in energy use
  • interior window surfaces were 3-5°C warmer which results in a significant reduction of moisture condensation on interior window surfaces

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